[bleach] Neliel! <3

On the subject of ramblings of a ghost

Let's start with this: I have no idea why I'm writing this. I never really intended to log in here again. But I guess I've been on a huge nostalgia trip this week. And it's past 3AM. And I've had some whiskey.

I can't believe I was active here only 5 short years ago. To me it seems like a lifetime. I look at my old posts and it's not like I cringe, exactly - life's a never-ending process of changing and improving. There would be no present-me without past-me. I just wish I was a better person in the past.

I was a chaotic bridge-burner. Never willing to face my mistakes when I could just run from them. A child, really. So I want to say sorry. I'm better about it now.

Still about 12, mentally ;) Finally happy! Finally honest and fun and reliable.

But I do mourn the friendships that could-have-been and could-have-lasted. Again. Sorry.

Anyway! I guess I know why I wanted to write this post now. To close this chapter of my life without guilt. To leave this open to anyone wanting to reconnect, what with me being a little shit in the past. To feel closure without any unnecessary bridge-burning.

Cheers, loves!

always yours,
Cat ♡